Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The First Dusk

Hello Everyone, Ben here and welcome to the first home of Nightfall Studios.
We are a two-man game development team currently working on our first full game, "Project Seven". Though the game is currently in Aleph stages, we figured it's never to early to become a part of the community, and we hope you'll check back here often - we plan to keep fans updated with information about the progress of development, and who knows what else will come from this little experiment.

But enough about us - on to the project!

Project Seven has been described as 'Legend of Zelda meets Halo in 2d' by one Alpha tester - that certainly gives us big shoes to fill, but I'm confident that we're a good fit.

Project Seven is an top-down action-adventure game very much in the spirit of the Original Zelda games, if they were filled with intense firefights and airships. 

We have been working on the game for nearly two years now, and currently have most of the mechanics implimented. There's a working combat system with a variety of weapons thats pretty fun to play, even without all the other stuff. We also have a variety of puzzle mechanics and tools built in. At the moment we are working on the story and game world, but more on that in another post.  I just hope you guys like war epics and political intrigue.

 So, we hope you'll stay with us for this one, and check back often - screenshots and much more information coming soon!

- Ben

Current Build - Aleph 4.9

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