Saturday, 16 July 2011


Adelaide's Anime and Videogame Convention is coming up, 22-24 of July. Over the days to come we will be working to get the levels done to present at the Indie Games Room.

We were recently at July's ARGGGH, Adelaide's Really Good Gathering of Gamedevs. The H is silent. It was a casual affair, very friendly with a feeling of community spirit and cameraderie I had never expected. We just walked right in, found the others and started talking. I realised with a pang of regret that we had neglected to bring a laptop or even a flash drive with P7 on it. However, we kept up an excited barrage of description which quickly turned me hoarse.

Anyway, regarding AVCON: we could have just shown a linear level that demonstrated all the features, but that wouldn't have captured the feel we wanted. The final game will not be a sequence of levels.

The levels in this demonstration are structured like a network. While there are levels that just go from one place to another, there are others with three or even four exits/entrances. The weapons and tools are scattered around, and the player will have to hunt for them if they want to progress further.

While there is no plot, the drive to continue exploration beyond raised barriers might drive the player just as well.

In the end, there is going to be a large gauntlet level, just for fun, a long icy run against everything the game has to throw at you.

There's also going to be a dungeon crawl about halfway through.

So, why not come to AVCON, pop into the indie games room, talk to us and have a taste of the game?

Here is the Indie games Room Promo vid, Featuring P7 and a ton of other games by Adelaide-based Devs. Everything you see here will be in the Indie games room at this year’s AVCON! 

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